Little Doers is a not for profit association which believes that children of a young age can put in some effort to gather money and choose a cause to support.


Last year 300 kids under 10 years old ran 1-2 km for charities of their choice, raising $30 000 between them.

26th October 2014 will see the Melbourne Kids’ Fun Run take place in Malvern, offering your children the chance to run a 1-2km track (with a parent), get some sponsorship from family and friends, choose a charity to support and write or draw a letter to that charity. What could be better?


Children aged 0 – 10 are invited to take part. Children who are too young to walk can be pushed in a pram or trike but we do encourage children who are 3+ to try the run and feel pride at the end!


Simply register on our Registration page when registrations open. Email us to receive notification and get your place booked early!

Get involved!