LittleDoersLogoFINALWhiteonBlueSmall.jpg Little Doers is a not for profit association which believes that children of a young age can put in some effort to gather money and choose a cause to support. Little Doers is a not-for-profit, Victorian, community organisation with two main aims.

Little Doers aims to educate children about the concept of charity, by introducing children to a variety of different charitable causes and helping them raise sponsorship for their selected charity. We believe that young children can learn about social and environmental causes, which has the potential to translate into socially responsible, community minded adults.

Little Doers promotes healthy lifestyle choices, including regular exercise and healthy diets for children and their families. We introduce these concepts by engaging families, providing regular information through our newsletter and coordinating an enjoyable, health-orientated community fun run/ family day.

What? This year 550 kids under 10 years old ran 1-2 km for charities of their choice, raising $45 000 between them. 24th October 2015 will see the Little Doers Melbourne Kids’ Fun Run take place again in Malvern.

Who? Children aged 0 – 10 are invited to take part. Children who are too young to walk can be pushed in a pram or trike but we do encourage children who are 3+ to try the run and feel pride at the end!

Where? Malvern Gardens – corner of High St and Spring Rd, Malvern.

Get Involved! If you would like to help by volunteering your time or goods/servicesplease email littledoers@mail.com